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About Enosh

Founded in 1978, Enosh is the largest mental health organization in Israel delivering comprehensive and groundbreaking community-based rehabilitation programs in the domains of supportive housing, employment, and socialization and family counseling centers. We also address early intervention efforts through innovative programs for youth. Over the years, Enosh has spearheaded significant changes in mental health legislation rights and service delivery and is bringing its expertise to the forefront of the local and global mental health agenda.

Our mission:

  • To provide quality and professional community-based mental health services for people with psychosocial ‎disabilities and to support their families
  • To increase awareness around mental health and fight society’s stigmas towards people with ‎psychosocial disabilities
  • To promote the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities and their family members

Spread nationwide through more than 70 Centers, with 900 employees, and more than 900 volunteers, our services are engaging more than 7,000 participants, 1700 family members, and 300 youth and young adults from all sectors of society each year. We are engaging thousands of members in different communities in Israel. We put efforts to bridge between diverse communities and groups and provide person-centered services in a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed environment. We use lived experience and peer support as our leading recovery models.

1. Mental Health Recovery Services in the Community 

  • Supportive housing programs that support independent living
  • Supportive employment programs in the work market
  • Social, recreation, sports and wellness centers in the community
  • Counselling and support centers for families

2. Prevention and Early intervention

  • NAVIGATE – first episode prevention program
  • HEADSPACE –  early intervention centers for youth
  • GOME – respite home in the community which provides supportive treatment for people ‎in a mental health crisis

3. Advocacy and policy

  • Enosh holds a consultative status to the Economic ‎and Social Council at the United Nations since 2017 and is taking part of the global mental health work. Enosh is part of civil society coalitions in Israel to promote rights of people with disabilities and the right to health

Our teams are specialized in different mental health intersections: homelessness, trauma, CPTSD, elderly, youth, religious communities, suicide prevention, lived experience, youth mental health, LGBTQ, and more.

Enosh response to Operation Guardian of the Walls

Recent events impact on our services, modifications, and actions.

Navigating the Future of Mental Health after COVID-19 

The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest and Enosh – will be hosting a virtual conversation for the Mental Health Month.
We will discuss the burning issues of: the role of the community in mental health support systems and the task of preventing burnout in the workforce post-pandemic.

Join us: June 24, 2021 Noon CDT | 8 PM Israel Time | ZOOM and LIVE on Facebook

Mental Health and Community Resilience Webinar

Hosted by MASHAV Carmel Training Center, Israel at the UN-Geneva, and the WHO we hosted a webinar highlighting the need for community resilience to promote better inclusion for people with psychosocial disabilities.

UN CND 64th session

Enosh and Elem hosted a virtual side-event on the sidelines of the 64th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. This event presented the vital intersection of mental health and substance abuse and highlight the need for a wide variety of community-based services, especially amid COVID-19. The focus was given to differences in proactive approaches among youth and young adults.

Zero Project 2021

Enosh was hosting a discussion on the right to employment for people with psychosocial disabilities and the need for state-level policies and innovative community-based services and supports in the mental health field in the Zero Project Conference 2021 (#ZeroCon21). The session included representatives from the International Labour Organization, Israeli Ministry of health, Israeli Ministry of Justice, Respectability, Keystone Human Services, Shikum Acher and Tnuva. You can watch the session at the link below.

2020 at a glance

2020 was a challenging year to say the least.
We at Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association managed to use the circumstances of covid-19 as a fuel to adapt and upgrade our mental health community rehabilitation services.

Respond to the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on Enosh service consumers and care professionals.

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