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Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association

Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association

About Enosh

Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association was established in 1978 to support people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members. Over the years, the organization has spearheaded innovative rehabilitation services based on a personal approach and principles of the mental health Recovery Model, which enable people with mental illness to lead meaningful lives.

Today Enosh runs more than 60 service centers all across the country for mental health consumers and family members. Over 700 mental health professionals and hundreds of volunteers provide support in the fields of housing and living skills, employment facilitation, social skill training, recreation and family counseling.

In the rehabilitation process, consumers lead their recovery plan. Our professional staff assists each individual in exploring meaningful opportunities for self-development and realization, and moving towards achieving goals. Emphasis is placed on facilitating their integration in the community where they live and work, while maintaining a broad and professional perspective not only of the consumer as an individual but also of his family and close surroundings. This builds consumers’ self-esteem, self-reliance, sense of security and belonging.

Enosh is the largest organization in Israel that provides mental health rehabilitation services. The majority of programming is funded by The Ministry of Health via the Basket of Health Services.

Enosh is committed to improving the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members by means of advocacy and lobbying for policy change and legislation.


Organization Goals:

  • To provide quality professional rehabilitation services for people with a psychiatric disability and their family members
  • To pioneer new services in mental health care
  • To raise social awareness in the field of mental health
  • To promote the rights of mental health consumers


Services Provided by Enosh:



Housing is the pillar of independent living. Rehabilitative housing in the community is a comprehensive service provided by a multi-professional staff of health care providers and is geared towards assisting the consumer in reaching an optimal level of functioning in the community.

Enosh’s Housing programs are provided through the Basket of Health Services and include hostels, supportive community living (halfway houses), group apartments and supportive housing in the community.

Our staff works hand in hand with community healthcare providers, The Ministry of Health, parallel rehabilitation services and municipal bodies.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Enosh’s Employment Centers encourage mental health consumers to develop skills for entering vocational programs in correspondence with their talents and aspirations. They also provide opportunities for improving financial well-being and career development.

Employment Centers and Transitional Employment Programs represent a model of group rehabilitation that serves as the first step in entering a work oriented environment. These frameworks engage consumers in a different type of labor and in learning programs that build workforce capability.

Maof – Business Entrepreneurship: this program supports consumers who wish to establish their own business. It combines business training, including specific guidance in the field of business the entrepreneur is seeking to develop, and rehabilitative assistance.

Employment in the Competitive Marketplace – this rehabilitative model assists mental health consumers who are inclined towards competitive employment to enter the job market. The program combines personal and vocational guidance aimed at enhancing feelings of competence.


Social and Recreation – Beshutaf (in companionship)


Enosh’s social model offers consumers a variety of services that accelerate individual and group empowerment processes. Through enrichment and recreational programs, our professional staff helps facilitates the consumers in finding their place, creating a sense of belonging, discovering meaning, improving social skills and moving ahead towards fulfilling personal goals pertaining to socialization and community participation.

Beshutaf’s programming is available in over 60 social centers across the country, offering participants opportunities to explore and experience different kinds of themes, cultural events, leisure activities and site seeing in Israel and abroad.



Family Counseling Services (MILAM)

Family members of a person with a psychiatric disability experience a tremendous trauma and cope with many challenges. Lack of information and confusion are intertwined with feelings of shame, fear and helplessness. This field of service is aimed at assisting families in coping with the burden of mental illness, providing information about the illness, treatment options, rehabilitation services in the community and rights – all while providing family members with support in recognition of their  important role in the recovery process.


Hotline – Listening from Experience

  • Initial response for people with a mental illness and their family members
  • Support and guidance
  • Counseling and information about mental illness, rehabilitation programs and rights of mental health consumers and family members


Telephone Hotline: 074-7556155

Email Hotline: info@enosh.org.il


Enosh Initiatives


Beofan Acher – a bicycle mechanics training center in Ramat Gan.

Mind & Fitness – a healthy living and wellness initiative in Tel Aviv (and soon in Ramla).

Tikshoov – a call center operated by Enosh consumers in Tel Aviv in cooperation with Tikshoov, a leading provider of contact center services.

headspace – a psychological support and counseling center in Bat Yam for youth and young adults (ages 12-25) who are experiencing emotional challenges.

Green Secrets – a hands-on ecological training and instruction center for all ages run by Enosh consumers in Givataim.

Tuvia’s Kitchen – a culinary training program for consumers interested in pursuing a career in the cooking or catering services.


How You Can Join?


 Buy Products


Purchasing Enosh products helps consumers by increasing employment opportunities and financial wellbeing. All proceeds from sales directly benefit the consumers. The Enosh Product Catalog is available online.


Do you employ consumers?

The award of employing mental health consumers is double – you enable people with a psychiatric disability to work and improve their quality of life and you gain dedicated professional employees for your business. Employers who are interested in hiring Enosh consumers are welcome to contact us.


Donate to Enosh

Monetary gifts or other contributions to Enosh can be made online via Enosh’s website a3196-tmp.s48.upress.link


Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association

For information or to make a donation, please contact:

Tel: 972-74-7556100; Fax: 972-74-7556101; Email: office@enosh.org.il

30 Moshe Dayan St., POB 181, Kfar Saba Israel 4410101

Enosh Financial Statements 



Volunteering constitutes a basis for creating social change.

Come and volunteer at one of our Association branches

or at one of the various initiatives

Details on the Enosh website:   a3196-tmp.s48.upress.link