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Supported Employment

Supported Employment Service helps people with mental disabilities find work in the free market as a shared responsibility. During the last 10 years over 1000 people joined many organizations and a wide variety of roles. The service includes professional guidance to employers and employees in each employment period. The service is sponsored by the Ministry… Continue reading ›

Who received the project?

the mentally ill with the past and present are treating psychiatric and mental health follow-up. Ability of the applicant / the benefit of the program. independently medications and personal responsibility for monitoring and psychiatric treatment. A commitment to a level of independence residence and cooperation with staff and tenants. without a history of drug /… Continue reading ›

What is the purpose

Absorb the mentally disabled in the community that are released from a psychiatric hospital and living with their parents, residential care for them, integrate them into frames Employment and Social Community, and to involve community life like anyone else in our society.

How to approach us?

You can be contacted via the handling bodies: mental health clinic, hospital, welfare, social security, hostels etc … You can contact the committee through rehabilitation by completing the rehabilitation forms (which are available at branches of the human or the District Psychiatrist offices). You can fill out the forms with a professional and can also… Continue reading ›